About Us

As one of the UK’s largest independant mobile fuel drain services Wrong Fuel Drainage Solutions is proud to boast full nationwide UK coverage. We have fuel drain technicians in all major cities as well as a network of subcontractors spanning the length and breadth of the country.

Our services are routinely priced 20-40% cheaper than those of the AA, RAC and Green Flag. If you find a cheaper quote than ours let us know and we'll try to see if we can beat it.

Commonly Asked Questions:

Is my car ruined?

No. Petrol in a diesel car, or diesel in a petrol car, will not damage the vehicle. The only time there is a possibility of damage is if the vehicle is run on contaminated fuel and the fuel is then not removed from the system.

Do I need to get the vehicle recovered?

No. We are a fully mobile service and can come to your wherever you are. There are, however, certain circumstances where you might need to have the vehicle moved if it is in an unsafe location, like in a live lane on a motorway.

Do I need to replace the fuel filter?

In 98% of cases, no. When we do a complete fuel drain the filter will be cleaned. However, if the petrol has been left in the filter for an extended period of time (more than a few days) it can start to degrade it. In these cases we advise a fuel filter replacement.

Will I be able to drive the vehicle when you are finished?

Yes. The end product of our service is that you will be able to drive off happy and secure in the knowledge that your vehicle is fine.

Why use us?

We are fast, professional and get the job done. All our technicians are fully trained to handle misfueling problems. Our tools and equitment are standardised so you know the job is being done right. We are fully insured for our activities and our company is a legitimately registered business with full V.A.T. recognition. We are licenced by the Environment Agency and a major player in the fuel drain industry, contracted to major breakdown and insurance companies.

We provide fuel drain services for throughout the UK

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