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Put Diesel in a Petrol Honda Civic 1.5 LSi?

If you've gone and put the wrong fuel in your Honda you probably want to know what you should do about it. The answer to this question depends on the quantity of Diesel you put in your Petrol car.

The first thing we need to look at is the Honda's fuel tank capacity. So, what is the fuel capacity of a 1.5-litre Petrol Civic 1.5 LSi? The answer is: the fuel tank capacity of most Honda Civic 1.5 LSis is about 45 litres (according to our database).

What to do about putting Diesel in a Petrol Honda will vary dependent on the amount of Diesel used. So, there are three possible scenarios:

(Please Note: These figures are approximates. Running an engine on any amount of incorrect fuel can cause damage, regardless of contamination percentage. Information given here is advice based solely on our customer reports and case histories. Full details should be procured from your vehicle manufacturer.)
  • FIVE PERCENT: If you put less than 2.25 litres of Diesel in a Petrol Honda Civic 1.5 LSi then in most cases, if the car's tank is completely filled with the correct fuel before it is started, it will probably be fine.
  • FIVE TO TEN PERCENT: If you've put between 2.25 and 4.5 litres then you should probably give us a call. This is the grey area where sometimes you can get away with just topping it up, and sometimes you can't. Call us and, with a bit more information, we'll be able to give you the best advice on what to do next.
  • If you've put more than 4.5 litres of the wrong fuel in your Honda Civic 1.5 LSi then you should definitely get it drained. This equates to more than 10% contamination and exceeds any "safe" contamination level.

To be completely sure you are doing the right thing, give us a call. We can provide sensible advice based on thousands of successfully resolved fuel contaminations. Additionally, no matter where you are in the UK, we are able to get a fuel drain vehicle out to you to perform a full fuel drain on your vehicle. And we are specialists in conducting fuel drains on Hondas.

As one of the UKs largest independent mobile fuel drain services Wrong Fuel Drainage Solutions is proud to boast full nationwide UK coverage. We have fuel drain technicians in all major cities as well as a network of subcontractors spanning the length and breadth of the country.

On a vehicle that has been run on the wrong/contaminated fuel we can also:

  • Flush the fuel lines
  • Prime the system with clean fuel (provided at pump price if needed)
  • Purge all contaminated fuel from the system
  • Clear the fuel filter and flush it clean
  • Additive (provided at cost) in the fuel tank to clean and lubricate everything
  • Full diagnostic run to clear any fault codes associated with the misfuel

We provide specialist Honda fuel drain services

Put Diesel in a Petrol Honda
Call us for help with your misfuelled Honda.

Did you know this interesting little fact about Honda?

Honda was founded by Soichiro Honda in 1949 after liquidating his previous business ventures. In addition to cars they also produce motorcycles, marine engines, garden equipment, personal watercraft, power generators, aircraft, and other products.

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